Visual inspections, better and faster.

We implement drones and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for faster and better visual inspections, so you can get more out of your business.

See better. Know faster. Get more.
See better. Know faster. Get more.
2x to 10x more anomalies identified
4x to 10x faster than conventional inspections
Get more - greatly increased yields
We combine seeing things better and working faster to get more business results: shorter inspection and downtime.

The drone is only one
piece of the puzzle

At Customdrone, we understand that the successful application of drones in your operations requires much more than just a piece of hardware. Tasks change and responsibilities shift.
Employees need to learn to
trust an inspection performed by a drone.
Just like the authorities. You firmly believe that a drone can inspect. But what that means for your company, that's what you want to know. That is why we include organisational, cultural, financial, legal and administrative impact analyses in our process.

Our working method

Business opportunity scan

In this phase, we look at whether it is possible and useful in your business operations to start working with drones. We estimate the possible benefits of drones and AI for your specific situation. But we also map out the risks and possible impossibilities - for example, legislation and regulations. You receive this in an advisory report, which is drawn up by experts who have been active in the market for more than 7 years. On the basis of that advice, you can decide whether you want to proceed to phase 2.

Business solution

We then design the best solution for your situation. That solution is a combination of hardware, software and people. Customdrone is not tied to any specific hardware suppliers - so we can advise the best solution for your situation. Therefore, we can advise the best solution for your situation. Customization is also an option.

Business validation

In this phase we implement these in practice. That starts with one drone and the associated software and artificial intelligence. We validate that the business solution works in practice. And we can make any adjustments to ensure that everything works properly. You will also notice the impact of this implementation. The latter helps you decide on a possible rollout.

Business implementation

Now that you have proof that visual inspections work within your organization and what the impact is, you can proceed to a business-wide implementation. If desired, we can supervise this implementation for you and ensure uniform working methods and procedures, including the training of all your employees.

Support & maintenance

We think it is extremely important that our customers who dive into a new technology are well supported. That is why we offer support and maintenance in an all-in package. Then you know where you stand and you will not be faced with unexpected costs.

Knowledge base

A lot of jargon is used in the world of drones. We made a handy knowledge base to clarify what exactly is meant by the terms. Here you will find all the basic information about drones, clearly explained.
View knowledge base
See better.
Know faster.
Get more.
Unique combination of drones and artificial intelligence (AI)
Customdrone delivers a unique combination of drones and AI that delivers huge savings. Not in theory, but in practice.

In animation here (being developed):
- See better: 2x to 10x more identified deviations
- Know faster: 4x to 10x faster than conventional inspections
- Get more: 1 to 10x more yield