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In order not to be dependent on external parties, the municipality has started a pilot project. For the project, an inventory has been made of where the drones can be used within the municipality. The municipality needs a multi-purpose drone for various purposes.
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The municipality of Sudwest-Fryslân received more and more internal questions about the use of drones. As a result, the municipality was faced with the choice of involving external parties or doing this internally in order to gain more insight into various measurements and constructions.


Customdrone has chosen for a 3D scan drone. This will give a quick overview of a certain surface area. This together with several internal trainings in practice, ensured that the municipality got its own drone team.


Customdrone has worked in a short period of time to deliver a fully operational solution for measuring, among other things: land depots, new neighborhoods, municipal buildings, car and water roads. We do this in a number of phases.

PHASE 1 Knowledge session

This phase focuses on putting together the right hardware and software for the specific client and situation. By equipping different drones with different cameras and sensors it becomes clear what the best combination is for each case and client. This depends on desires, requirements, budget, system requirements and the environment in which the drone will fly.

PHASE 2 Data collection

The next step is data collection. That means camera equipped drone flying for drone image collection. We do this by determining what the drone should measure together with the municipality's surveyors. This is applied in various practical cases with Customdrone, so that the surveyors know exactly what to do.

PHASE 3 Procedure

By combining different cases, a working method was developed for the municipality of Sudwest-Fryslân, so that the surveyor knows exactly what to do and when.

Before we proceed to roll out, we work out the business case together with the client. In doing so, we also highlight, for example, operational and cultural consequences. How do we ensure that a surveyor learns to rely on a drone? What does this mean for the organisation? This is of great importance for the success of this working method.

see better
Drones see everything.

By using a 3D scan drone you will have a complete overview of the terrain in no time where you can easily measure everything. With this drone, the municipality has been able to monitor an existing building plan. You can then see if the construction is being done well and how much land is being moved in the building project.

The benefits:

  • Faster accurate results
  • Large overview of an entire site
  • Faster insights of ground movements
  • New building plans quickly and clearly visible with the current construction status

know faster
To measure more is to know.

By combining drones with the current GPS sticks, the municipality ensures that clear measurements are made that are readable for everyone. In addition, they are always retrievable and can be used for various purposes.

This ensures that you don't have to go to a location every time. A drone ensures that the measurements can be done 4 to 10 times faster than the current method.

More data more answers

Clear and accurate data maps create new opportunities within the municipality, making it easier and quicker to work with. These overviews can be generated quickly, for example for land movements, so that a new building can be closely monitored.

The municipal ground depots to make the ground resistance even more visible. These ground depots are then easily and quickly measured. Meanwhile, the municipality is expanding the work of drones. Customdrone supports them within this project, to ensure that the municipality takes the right steps. Now and in the future. In addition to the soil measurement project, the municipality is also looking at traffic analysis, road maintenance, land surveying, support of enforcement and green space.

More data
Improved work process

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