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With the current method it can take from hours up to days to measure objects, while a drone can do it within an hour. With a drone you still get visible results, so that your engineer can get to work immediately. The data processed by the drone can eventually be exported to various files, allowing your engineers to get to work immediately in their current drawing programs, for example: Solidworks, AutoCAD etc. This is, among other things, one of Brandsma's daily activities, digital measuring from Bolsward.
4 hours
current method
1 hour
with 3D scandrone
4x faster
current method
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Measuring is knowing, but measuring takes an awful lot of time. With the growth potential that Brandsma digital measurement (BDM) has, they started to look further into their possibilities. In order to be able to perform more measurements in the same amount of time.


Customdrone has proven by applying RTK-drones in combination with specific software, that BDM can measure an entire hectare, to one centimetre accuracy, in less than 10 minutes.


Customdrone has worked in a short period of time to deliver a fully operational solution for measuring land and roofs for solar panels.

Initially we focus on putting together the right combination of hardware and software for the specific client and situation. By equipping different drones with different cameras and sensors it becomes clear what the best combination is for each case and client. This depends on wishes, requirements, budget, system requirements and the environment in which to fly.

see better
More data on the same area

Surveyors often measure large areas of land for new buildings or renovations, for example. By adding drones, the building that is being renovated no longer needs to be drawn.

The installation of new roads, measuring roofs, new neighborhoods or ground depots is also all possible with this new piece of technology.

know faster
Covering more land and data in less time.

Land surveying is a time-consuming job. Especially the larger terrains or large land depots often take a lot of time. A drone can do this 4 to 10 times faster than the current method. With many more insights from above including volume calculations, height measurements, measurements and much more. For example, the drone flies over an entire hectare in less than 10 minutes.

Results with speed

Height charts that are visible and easy to read for everyone. Volume calculations done at the click of a button, surface measurements of roofs or terrains. Or a building measurement that you will have ready within minutes. It is possible to perform four times more measurements in one day. With the same number of people. Who doesn't want that?

4 hours
current method
1 hour
with 3D scandrone
4x faster
current method

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