ESA (European Space Agency) does GPS quality testing with drones


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Drones, nowadays they're more and more commonly used. Almost all drones fly on GPS and what impact does this have on our GPS network? What kind of GPS receivers are there on the market and how well do they really work with our Galileo network.
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Our GPS network is being used more and more by modern hardware. Drones stand out amongst the hardware, because of the rapid changes. ESA wants to see what this might mean for the satellite network in the future and whether it needs to be taken into account.


Customdrone has developed a drone for the ESA to perform specific tests on different GPS receivers. This custom drone had to remain as flexible as possible, to enable the possibility of testing different GPS receivers available in the market.


Customdrone, together with ESA, has put together the specific specifications this drone should be able to handle. This ultimately resulted in custom drawings for a custom chassis. This chassis enables the drone to lift almost 6KG of test material, like computers and other hardware into the air. A strong carbon construction had to be developed. This was all neatly CNC cut. It was also important that it was as flexible as possible so that the hardware could easily be changed in the future. The total drone weighed almost 15kg and can remain in the air for 20 minutes for the various tests.

Customdrone has used a large drone and customized it with a safe and sturdy construction. The choice for the test hardware and software that comes with this are purchased by Customdrone. For a compact and safe solution, which is free of everything. This drone flies among others at test centers, so they can safely perform various tests.

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