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Agricultural drones are becoming more and more common in practice, but what are their advantages? Together with Ten Brinke B.V. we put the drones into practice. Ten Brinke has been using our agricultural drones for several years now and has gained a wealth of knowledge from the cultivation market in combination with the drones. Agricultural drones provide a faster overview of your crops.
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Due to various regulations becoming increasingly strict, fewer and fewer crop irradiation agents may be used in the field. Also, tilt advisers cannot always see everything from the ground. When it comes to larger fields, it is difficult to see whether small diseases are developing in the field.


A drone provides a general overview of the crops. This can be used to generate further details by, for example, taking soil samples. Ten Brinke's new drone makes it possible for them to look at the crop scans, providing live advice.


Customdrone has worked in a short period of time to deliver a fully operational solution for inspecting different crops. We do this in a number of steps.

PHASE 1 Proof of concept

This phase focuses on putting together the right hardware and software for the specific client and situation. By equipping different drones with different cameras and sensors, it becomes clear what the best combination is for each case and client. This depends on wishes, requirements, budget, system requirements and the environment in which to fly.

PHASE 2 Data collection

The next step is data collection. That means flying camera equipped drone and collecting drone images. By working together with the tilt consultant to determine what the drone should see, search and capture, an image is created of what the drone should do. In this phase, the drone flies fully autonomously. We ensure good cooperation between our drone experts and the tilt advisers, bringing both worlds together.


In this phase the drone will independently process the drone images. By combining the experience of our drone experts and the tilt advisers, we have gained a good understanding of this world, so that Ten Brinke can work completely independently.

see better
More insight

Ten Brinke uses agricultural drones in support of their cultivation advice and means of protection advice. The drone provides Ten Brinke with a good overview of the crop, allowing it to take additional soil samples from poorly growing areas, for example. However, it is possible that they could have overlooked these without the drone.

The drone sees, among other things:

  • Crop health
  • Poorly growing crops
  • Nitrogen content
  • Amount of water
  • Chlorophyll content


The NDRE image shows one of the trials between TerraNature Gold and KAS. It clearly showed that the urea from the TerraNature gives a darker crop. This means that the crop is more vital and has more nutritional value.

Fighting red sorrel in grassland

In addition, we are also working on task cards, which can be used to control site specific weeds. We do this by means of drones. Knight sorrel, for example, can be fought in grassland.


The image shows a clear difference between the red lane along the road and the rest of the plot. This is a difference of more than 50 kilograms in nitrogen availability and more than 70 kilograms in magnesium availability.

know faster
The drone sees more

From the air, you can see much earlier when, for example, crops are growing poorly or are sick. By observing this information at an early stage, you can act faster by applying fertiliser or spraying sooner. Of course, Ten Brinke can supply the necessary task cards for this. This makes it possible to get the maximum yield from your crop with fewer crop protection agents and fertilisers. The drone flies in approximately 10 hectares every 30 minutes, which makes it much quicker to give an overview.

Less crop spraying

Legal norms for the use of fertilisers are becoming lower and lower, as the use of plant protection agents is being scrutinised more and more critically. A drone is an ideal solution to reduce the use of crop protection agents.

Visibility from the field
Visibility from sprayer
Visibility drone

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