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Large areas are often more difficult to secure. Automated drones make this a lot easier. For example, we have delivered a system to a customer abroad that allows drones can work as autonomous security. The drone will fly over an area and if spotting people, the pilot receives a report. Subsequently, the pilot is given the choice of whether to follow the person or continue the flight.
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Large areas are difficult to keep an eye on and it often takes a lot of people or cameras to secure them in the right way.


A drone with normal image camera and heat image camera are combined with smart software. This ensures that people are automatically recognized, so the drone can intervene to follow this person or continue the route. This system works securely over four different 4G networks, so this system is not hacked.


Customdrone has worked in a time frame to deliver a fully operational solution for border control. We did this together with several suppliers. Together with our own developed drone. The drone is equipped with a normal camera in combination with thermal imaging or night imaging.

It is also possible to secure a large terrain from fixed locations by using a tether drone (cable drone). This allows the drone to remain in the air for up to 300 hours and monitor the surroundings from one location by, for example, using a zoom camera.

see better
The drone sees more

The drone can look up to 4 kilometres in the distance, giving the drone a large overview of the secured area. This ensures that fewer people need to be deployed.

know faster
The drone sees faster

Because the drone can look up to 4 kilometres far, you can see security breeches a lot earlier than with the human eye. In suspicious situations the drone can fly at more than 50km/h towards the object and follow it if need be.


Because of the drone, fewer people need to be deployed on a large surface area, as the drone is able to fly autonomously. However, it is still important to keep a close eye on the camera so you can correct it where necessary.

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