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Visual inspections are important in your organization. It doesn't matter if you already have experience with drones or artificial intelligence or not: we can implement next level inspections in your organization.
At Customdrone we believe in a complete solution. That is why we treat the implementation of drones at client sites as projects. We first assess the potential, then come up with the best possible solution, and then implement it. After we have proven that it works in your practice, we not only provide the hardware and software, but also the entire supervision of your organization, if required, including support and maintenance. This is the only way to bring visual inspections from ideation to reality within your company.
Is it possible, and is it lucrative?
01. Business opportunity scan

Is it possible to complete your inspections using drones? Can artificial intelligence be applied? What problems will you face as an organization? Which legislation comes into play? How do I guarantee safety?

In this phase we answer all of these kinds of questions. In addition, we assess the possible benefits of drones and AI for your specific situation. On the other hand, we also map out the risks and potential impossibilities - think of laws and regulations, for example. You will receive this in an advisory report with a concrete step-by-step plan, which is drawn up by experts who have been active in this market for more than 7 years. We also provide our vision for the next 5 years. Based on that advice, you can decide whether you want to proceed to phase 2.

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What is the best solution for your company?
02. Business solution

Which type of drone is best? With what specifications? And what is the best controller? What kind of cameras do we use? And which software? Which artificial intelligence? And how does the system learn to report itself?

In this phase we come up with the best solution specific to your business. That solution is a combination of hardware, software and people.

Customdrone is not tied to any specific hardware suppliers - so we can advise the best solution for your situation. It does not matter to us whether you take a drone of brand A or B. Because of our independence, we can always advise the best hardware and software for your situation. And if it is not for sale, we ensure that it is made.

Go on, show me!
03. Business validation

How does it work? Is it difficult? Can we do that? And what does that mean?

We believe the best way to answer these is to show you. That is why we implement our Business Solution in practice during this phase. With one working drone, the accompanying cameras and the software. We validate that the business solution works in practice. And we can make any adjustments to ensure that everything works properly.

You will also notice the impact of this implementation. For example, inspectors will have to be trained, but you may also be able to do the same work with fewer inspectors. You will also notice the impact on your organizational structure. That is important information for making the business case for rollout. The latter helps you decide on a possible rollout.

04. Business implementation

You now know the business case and the impact on your organization. In this phase, the business solution is implemented across the organization.

The speed at which this is done depends on your wishes, but also the size of your organization. We supervise this implementation. We provide the hardware, software and AI required. And we ensure uniform working methods and procedures, including the training of all your employees.

You can rely on us. Always.
05. Support & maintenance

The drone does a vital piece of work for your organization. So you want it to always work properly - disruptions cost time and money. We think it is extremely important that our customers who dive into a new technology are well supported.

Through different service packages, we ensure that your drones always work properly. With maintenance and repair, but also replacement drones - fully dependent on your package of requirements. This means you know where you stand and you will not be faced with unexpected costs.

There's more.

We do everything to do with drones. Feel free to contact us for an issue concerning the best drone, application of AI or the perfect software.


We’re independent and always advise you on what’s best for your situation.
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Artificial Intelligence

A drone is only the eyes of the inspector. Artificial intelligence is the insight.
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We advise on the purchase of the drone and the entire process around it.
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