The drone is only one piece of the puzzle

Drones go up. This creates a different viewing angle and more overview. And for a number of sectors, it means that a person no longer has to go up. In short, with a drone you see what you otherwise cannot see. Or at least with less effort and fewer risks. However, the biggest gain will only be made if the drone is made "smart" with artificial intelligence. So that your inspector does not have to view every image, but only the images that the drone has identified as "abnormal." That is why the drone is only one piece of the puzzle.


At Customdrone we have been active in the drones market for more than 7 years. We started selling drones. Then we built them ourselves. Therefore, we know exactly what is possible - and what is for sale.

Where most drone companies aim to sell drones, we see it differently. We especially want drones to be implemented successfully. That is why we are independent of brands and suppliers. For example, we recommend the very best composition of drone, camera and software for every assignment. And we think about the next steps on your roadmap before we advise you. Because anyone can sell a drone. But successfully getting drones to take over a crucial part of leading companies is a profession. Our profession.


Maybe your organization already uses one or more drones, and you are looking for a smarter way to process data. Maybe you have no experience with drones at all and you are about to take your first steps. No matter where you are, we can organize the next step for you. With our years of experience and solid technology partners, we are able to sketch a drone roadmap for you. A roadmap that ensures careful, step-by-step implementation of this new technology in your way of working.

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