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Artificial Intelligence

Drones that could carry out assignments independently and in the meantime automatically recognise and report deviations? With artificial intelligence (AI) this is possible
Drones take an important role in your work process where safety, speed and accuracy are important. Customdrone can add this technique to your concept to make your drone even smarter. And the savings in time and money are even greater.

See. Inspect. Report.

Drones can do visual inspections with artificial intelligence in no time. They can recognize damages, loose bolts, rust, etc. by AI. The technique can recognize much more than the naked eye. A drone with AI does not overlook anything. Never gets sick. And doesn't get tired. This is the core of our see better, know faster, get more philosophy.

How it works

A drone with artificial intelligence learns to look and act like an inspector. During his inspection flight, for example, the drone takes photos and/or video. On these images, the inspector indicates the deviations he or she wants to have reported. The drone remembers this and learns to make this selection himself. The inspector only has to view these images selected by AI, supplemented with a random sample.

In this way the drone learns what is right and wrong, and will become more and more accurate. The more information you feed to the drone in the initial phase, the faster it learns - and the better it works.

In time, the drone will even outperform the human eye. Something we proved for example at KLM, where the drone abnormalities were reported on an aircraft that the inspector had overlooked.

Not only photo/video

The beauty of a drone is that you can hang any type of camera on it. Think of thermal imaging cameras or LIDAR depth scanners. The nice thing about a drone is that the artificial intelligence can be applied to any type of camera. A human learns the drone to look for what. The drone remembers this and with man's corrections the drone becomes more and more careful. Especially when the information from multiple cameras is combined during an inspection flight.

From recognizing to predicting

The artificial intelligence can also learn to make predictions. By doing more and more inspections and analysing and comparing that data, damages and deviations can be predicted. The drone can also connect the maintenance systems in your industry and immediately report the deviations, damages and repairs.

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