3D measurement with drones

Drones are increasingly being used for various purposes.

An increasingly common way of 3D measurement is with drones. This is often used in construction to create a 3D model with accurate distances and measurements.

What can you measure 3D with drones in the construction?

In construction you can make an entire 3D model of the terrain and this is not only a picture but you can also use it to calculate everything in terms of distance between buildings, different heights and volumes of different constructions or the surface of a certain piece of land.

Below is an example of what a 3D model looks like:

How does 3D measurement with a drone work and is it accurate enough?

In combination with a camera, sensors and a waypoint software, the drone makes a specific flight over the terrain that deviates a maximum of a few cm. While the drone takes the flight, it continuously takes a lot of pictures of the terrain and because the drone takes so many pictures, the software can recognize the similarities in the pictures and the drone knows exactly what the terrain looks like.

Why measure 3D with drones?

Why would you use 3D measuring drones? This is because drones are easily transportable and the drone can see everything from the air, which makes the whole task a lot easier and faster than if it had to be done by hand. This also makes it cheaper, since you don't have to pay for the drone in man hours, you need less personnel to do this with a drone.

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