Buying a 3D mapping drone

Are you looking to buy a 3D mapping drone for your business?

Then it is important to understand all the options available to you.

Differences in 3D mapping drones

The differences in buying a 3D mapping drone are especially found in the cameras that you use. There are different types of camera including: RGB camera, Near Infrared (NIR) camera and thermal camera. Which one you choose depends on the results you are looking to get.

RGB camera

You can buy a 3D mapping drone with an RGB camera. This camera sees exactly as a human eye would – regular images.

This is often used in surveying terrain where high-quality images are needed or where a D model needs to be created.

Near infrared (NIR) camera

You can also buy a 3D mapping drone with a thermal camera, this one uses infrared light pulses which are not visible to the naked eye. NIR is the most reflective light and this is utilized in agriculture. Healthy plants reflect more NIR than an unhealthy plant, whereby you can see which plants are unhealthy using the 3D mapping drone.

Thermal camera

You can also buy a 3D mapping drone with a thermal camera, which sees views not visible to the naked eye either. With a thermal camera you can see differences in temperature.

Thermal cameras are used in many ways – from agriculture to infrastructure.

This camera detects heat sources in the environment in order to measure the differences in temperature in the image. This can be used to recognize ‘hot spots’ in images to inspect things such as roofs, roads and even wet spots in meadows with crops.

Below is an example of how the image on a thermal camera looks like:

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