3D measurement with a drone

What is a LIDAR drone? LIDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging of Laser Imaging Detection And Ranging. LIDAR is a technique that sues laser pulses to determine the distance to an object. It works using the same principles as a radar, it emits a signal and and absorbs it when it returns. The distance to the object is determined by the time taken between emitting and reabsorbing the puls.

The wavelength of a LIDAR laser pulse is very small. Consequently, the LIDAR is very accurate and is very good at detecting small objects.

LIDAR sensor on a drone

A LIDAR sensor has a variety of benefits for functionalities such as creating 3D scans. This is because the sensor can recognize very small objects, something not all other apparatus can do. LIDAR is therefore also used on larger drones to create very accurate measurements of pieces of land, to get extra precise 3D models.

Obstacle avoidance

LIDAR sensors have obstacle avoidance functionalities with a very wide view, which makes them ideal for detecting and avoiding obstacles. This is also used in self-driving cars.

LIDAR at night

Because LIDAR is based on laser pulses, the technique can also function with very little light exposure, even at night.

LIDAR for inspections

LIDAR is a smart way to carry out inspections, since the system has efficient obstacle detection. This allows you to safely navigate through the inspection area.

3D mapping in construction

3D mapping in construction can have several advantages, especially when using a drone.

With the 3D model it creates you can measure all dimensions of the buildings, and perform volume and surface calculations.

How a drone for 3D mapping works

A drone makes 3D mapping very simple. You draw a flight path for the drone, then you take the drone to the flight location and you send the drone into the air. The drone will take overlapping pictures with GPS points and can thus accurately map the terrain.

Via the 3D mapping software, a 3D model can be made by the program.

Construction site inspection

Measurements from 3D mapping

In the 3D mapping program calculations can be carried out such as finding the dimensions of buildings, the dimensions between buildings, the

volume of buildings, different areas and volume of land stock.

With 3D mapping software you can also check whether you are building in the correct locations and you can monitor the building process and track the progress of the project.

Tracking progress

You can follow progress of the construction projects using several flights. For example, you can check the progression over the weeks by making a flight once a week with the drone and using the 3D mapping program to merge these images.

With drone 3D mapping you can keep an eye on your construction projects a lot easier.

3DR site scan

What is 3DR site scan?

3D site scan is a 3D scan software package from the company 3DR, this is a software package for drones to scan terrain so that you get a high quality image of it and you can make a 3D model of it to perform calculations or inspections.

What can you do with 3DR site scan?

3DR site scan is a complete program that allows you to go through the whole process of a 3D scan.

You can use it to create a flight plan for your drone, let the drone fly, view the 3D scan with it, perform calculations with it, and view the progress of your project.

With 3DR site scan you can also create point clouds to extract the data you need.

How do you proceed with 3DR site scan?

The first thing you do when working with 3D site scan is to draw the flight plan, then you draw an area on a map on your tablet that you want to scan.

Then you can put the drone down and you can easily start the flight with a swipe on the tablet. You can make the site scan even more accurate by using ground control points. When the drone is finished with the flight, the image of the drone is automatically uploaded to the cloud and you can use it to calculate things like the volume of hills and buildings, the size of surfaces and distances.

You can also make more frequent scans in the same area and merge the data together so you can view the photos at the same time and see what progress has been made in the meantime.

3D scan drone software

What is 3D scan drone software?

3D scan drone software is made to scan terrain using a drone and create a 3D model of it. Currently, it is still often done with GPS posts, but a disadvantage of this is that it can only be done on the ground and does not produce a 3D model. If you do this with a 3D scanning drone there are many more possibilities.

How does 3D scan drone software work?

The combination of a camera, sensors and the waypoint software allows the drone to make a preprogramed flight over the terrain that deviates with a maximum of a few centimetres. While the drone completes the flight, it will continuously take lots of pictures of the terrain and using these pictures, the software can recognize similarities in the photos and the drone knows exactly what the terrain looks like.

Work process

First, you create a flight path on the app or drone software program. You can also choose to fly the drone manually.

Then you switch on the flight path of the 3D scan drone. Once the drone has completed the path, you can import the data on your device and ask the software to create a 3D model.

If a 3D model has been created, you can use the software to calculate dimensions such as the height and volume of buildings, hills and surfaces, distances from one point to another and even the volume and depth of bodies of water.


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