3D scan drone software

What is 3D scan drone software?

3D scan drone software is made to scan terrain using a drone and create a 3D model of it. Currently, it is still often done with GPS posts, but a disadvantage of this is that it can only be done on the ground and does not produce a 3D model. If you do this with a 3D scanning drone there are many more possibilities.

How does 3D scan drone software work?

The combination of a camera, sensors and the waypoint software allows the drone to make a preprogramed flight over the terrain that deviates with a maximum of a few centimetres. While the drone completes the flight, it will continuously take lots of pictures of the terrain and using these pictures, the software can recognize similarities in the photos and the drone knows exactly what the terrain looks like.

Work process

First, you create a flight path on the app or drone software program. You can also choose to fly the drone manually.

Then you switch on the flight path of the 3D scan drone. Once the drone has completed the path, you can import the data on your device and ask the software to create a 3D model.

If a 3D model has been created, you can use the software to calculate dimensions such as the height and volume of buildings, hills and surfaces, distances from one point to another and even the volume and depth of bodies of water.


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