Agricultural drone

What are drones for in the agricultural sector?

Drone technology in the agricultural sector has improved in the past couple years, and it has become easier to use for less practiced pilots. Drones in the agricultural sector have the following applications: mapping the fields, measuring the land, improving crop yield and production efficiency.

Agricultural drone technology

Precision agriculture

Precision farming refers to the way in which farmers manage their crops to ensure the efficiency of inputs such as water and fertilizer, and to maximize the productivity, quality and yield. The term also refers to minimalizing pests, unwanted floods and diseases.

Precision agricultural drones enable farmers to constantly monitor and cope with problems that would not appear at on-the-spot checks at ground level. A farmer could, for example, use the drone photography see that a portion of the crops are not being properly irrigated over time.

Mapping / Surveying

Using a drone to map or examine crops is relatively simple. Many newer models of agricultural drones are equipped with flight planning software, so they can fly autonomously. Drones that do not possess this are controlled by a person.

While the drone is flying it will automatically take pictures using the sensors onboard. If the drone does not possess these automatic features, one person would have to fly the drone whilst another takes pictures. The drones offered by Customdrone are equipped with the most advanced software and sensors. Are you interested in a precision agricultural drone? Go to agricultural inspection drone!


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