Security Drone

Drones add a whole new dimension to security. Whether it's people, buildings, waters, forests or land: a drone oversees it.

The effective use of new technology is often not easy. We understand that. Our mission is to make using a drone as easy and intuitive as using a mobile phone. That's why we've looked into the specific needs of security companies, governments, the police, the military and the military police.

Customdrone has been independently active in the drone market for more than 7 years now and ensures that you only use proven technology within your organization.  

Because of our wide range of knowledge, we can also start with a plan, to implement this new technology within your organization. This has to do with various aspects including legislation, technology and the possibilities of, for example, autonomous flying.

In this new industry there are many parties offering a large variety of opportunitites. We are at the designated company to puncture right through all the confusion, so that you are always provided with an effective security company system in combination with drones.

Operating and flying a security drone is super easy: the drone can fly completely autonomously. After you indicate on a tablet which area you want to make clear. The drone then creates its own route and flies independently before returning. Manual flight is of course also possible. The law requires that the driver always has the drone in sight, and has the possibility to intervene if necessary. We will teach you all this in a training course of only a few hours.

The images from the Customdrone can be viewed live in HD on different screens. It is even possible to send it via secure 4G streaming, so that the images can be safely viewed live from anywhere in the world.

The software developed for this purpose is very easy and friendly to use - this ensures that you can quickly locate and recognize people. This gives you immediate control of the situation and you can quickly make choices.

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