Roof Inspection Drone

With a roof inspection drone, a roof inspection is quicker and easier to perform than in the traditional way. But the effective use of new technology is often not easy. We understand that.

Our mission is to make using a drone as easy and intuitive as using a ladder. We immersed ourselves in how roof inspections are performed in the traditional way, so that we could develop a drone to make it easier, cheaper and more efficient.

Are you ready for the future?

Thanks to our 7 years of experience, we ensure that you always use the latest technology. Customdrone is an independent party in both the software and hardware of the drones. 

Flying with a roof inspection drone  

Operating and flying our drones is super easy: the drone flies completely autonomously. After you have indicated your scan area on a tablet, the drone determines its own route and flies independently and before returning. The law does require that the driver always has the drone in sight, and the ability to intervene if necessary. We will teach you all this in just a few hours.

With our roof inspection drones you can measure the following:

- Roof surface
- Length and width dimensions, any obstacles on the roof
- The height and angle of the roof
- Errors and problems on the roof

To find out more about our roof inspection drone check out our knowledge base articles.


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