The right 3D mapping drone for your business

Nowadays drones are increasingly being used for 3D mapping.

This is because drones can work much faster from the air. This can be up to 10x faster than the current method.

Here we will briefly explain the possibilities for using a 3D mapping drone.

3D mapping drones are increasingly being used for 3D mapping, because the drone has an expansive overview from the air. With the use of different types of cameras and sensors, the 3D mapping drone can give an accurate picture of what the terrain looks like from above.

What is the 3D mapping drone used for?

There are several scenarios where 3D mapping is applicable.

In agriculture this can be the inspection for pipelines and roads, construction, mines etc.

In agriculture you can get a good overview of your crops – which are healthy, and which are not. This is done with the use of an agricultural sensor.

Below is a picture of crops from an agricultural sensor:

3D mapping drone in construction

In construction, a 3D mapping drone is mainly used to easily explore all the dimensions between buildings, trees, etc. Consequently, a company can investigate the areas that are important to the project. In addition, your company also has the advantage of having a complete overview of the construction site.

How does a 3D mapping drone work?

A 3D mapping drone uses a camera and various sensors.

The drone continuously takes pictures during the flight and can connect these to the GPS coordinates using the software. A complete picture is created as a 3D model, so that measurements can be made that are relevant for your company.

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