The new visual inspectors of the future equipped with a drone

Finding specialists is becoming increasingly difficult. Customdrone has developed a tool for this, allowing inspectors to work more efficiently.

The customdrone project team

You need data to make the drone smart. This data is collected by the drone during each inspection and is then processed in our platform. The projects are carried out by various specialists, who ensure accurate and efficient results that can then be used.

AMT’s (Aircraft maintenance technician from a Regional Jet Center) uses our smart drone and platform to map and identify damage. Customdrone offers data scientists and project leaders, among othes, to keep the process running efficiently. This collaboration ensures enthusiasm and accuracy on the work floor.

Aircraft inspection drone

Our Aircraft inspection drone is equipped with artificial intelligence, among other things. By means of machine learning technology, our drone is self-learning and can learn to recognize various types of damage from the inspector. With every flight the smart drone becomes smarter and smarter, and can learn to recognize the following points:

Lightning damage, marking / sticker damage, and paint damage among others

Artificial intelligence with drones

An aircraft can be inspected up to 6 hours faster with this smart drone solution. Consequently, the ground time per aircraft is reduced. In the long term, this ensures that aircraft can make more flights per year, as the aircraft stay on the ground for less.

How artificial intelligence works with drones

The drone flies around the plane during which the drone collects different images – videos and photos. The first drone flight will show your outcomes, namely any damage or other affects you are looking to recognize. With each flight, the drone learns to inspect an aircraft more independently, just like an inspector would.

Advantage of our smart drones

Once the drone has learned the basics, further steps can be taken. The drone can begin to make predictions after recognizing a certain amount of damage. The drone can also connect to various software / SCADA systems, including AMOS in the aircraft industry, so that the damage registration is processed immediately.

Can our Smart Drone also work for your company?

Our platform is self-learning and can often even work with your existing drone. We ensure that a tool is installed to allow it to do so. The drone then learns to recognize damage and other visual inspections. Your company will benefit greatly from the inspections and you can certainly take this with you into the future.


know faster.


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