Drone 3D Mapping

3D mapping in construction

3D mapping in construction can have several advantages, especially when using a drone.

With the 3D model it creates you can measure all dimensions of the buildings, and perform volume and surface calculations.

How a drone for 3D mapping works

A drone makes 3D mapping very simple. You draw a flight path for the drone, then you take the drone to the flight location and you send the drone into the air. The drone will take overlapping pictures with GPS points and can thus accurately map the terrain.

Via the 3D mapping software, a 3D model can be made by the program.

Measurements from 3D mapping

In the 3D mapping program calculations can be carried out such as finding the dimensions of buildings, the dimensions between buildings, the

volume of buildings, different areas and volume of land stock.

With 3D mapping software you can also check whether you are building in the correct locations and you can monitor the building process and track the progress of the project.

Tracking progress

You can follow progress of the construction projects using several flights. For example, you can check the progression over the weeks by making a flight once a week with the drone and using the 3D mapping program to merge these images.

With drone 3D mapping you can keep an eye on your construction projects a lot easier.


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