Drone data processing in real time by means of artificial intelligence

Drone data processing in real time by means of artificial intelligence

Flying with drones is a lot faster than current methods of collection, but data processing often takes a lot of time. In addition, you or your colleague can often overlook something or have a further opinion about some damage.

Our platform ensures that this is a thing of the past. Damage inspection data and analyses can be processed in real time, so that you have a customized report for your inspection when you land.

Artificial intelligence and drones

You can see your drone as a new colleague you hire. On day one, the new colleague often does not know everything about your work process and the inspections. This also applies to our smart drones.

By processing data in our online platform, for example photos of a certain damage, the drone learns, among other things, what the damage looks like and can then apply this in various scenarios.

Drone data processing

Over time, the drone can see more and more and recognize new aspects. If the drone notices something, but does not recognize it, the drone asks specialized employees what the problem or damage is. In this way, the drone can get to know various environments, so that after his flight the drone can generate a report with all the damage, with customized advice. This can be done in retrospect as well as real time. This report contains advice for your people who will eventually sign an agreement or place a signature if they agree with the automated drone inspection result.

Artificial intelligence in practice

Many companies think that hiring someone will result in big changes, but in practice this can sometimes be disappointing. We work with a variety of different processes, and also have different cases of combinations of drones and artificial intelligence that already work.

It is not so much about the drone or the artificial intelligence, but about the entire process. Customdrone supports you in realizing this new innovation, so that you can focus on other things. In addition, we ensure that your inspection process is optimized by means of artificial intelligence drones.


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