Drone inspection

Inspections with a drone. What do you need to know?

Conducting inspections with a drone saves time, money and manpower.

Besides drone inspections saving time and money, it is also safer and more efficient.

The drone inspection, what can you inspect?

Wind turbines, buildings, solar panels, high-voltage pylons, antennas, antenna masts, art works, hard-to-reach locations such as tall buildings, towers, but also oil rigs or ships and bridges. Nothing is out of reach. But always keep in mind the legislation that Customdrone can help you with.

Inspection can be done for possible leakage, damage, insulation problems, dirt, vandalism etc.

Solar panels can be inspected for broken solar cells and dirt.

Cameras for inspection

For drone inspection there are different types of cameras. With RGB cameras you can check for visual damage, but you can also use thermal cameras to inspect for insulation problems or wet spots in a meadow. With a thermal camera you also check solar panels for broken solar cells as these become warmer than solar cells that are not functional, you can see this on the image of the camera.

Smart drone inspection

A drone inspection can also be carried out using the self-learning Customdrone drone. This contains software where the drone itself learns what is damage and what is not. The drone can learn to recognize damage if it sees it often enough. Customdrone is an expert on this and can set up an inspection case at a low threshold. Every company can then start with our smart drones.

New employee

You can see the drone as a new employee, where they must learn what is bad and what is good. If the drone knows this, there is no need for people to complete it, meaning inspections are carried out more efficiently.


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