Drone with infrared camera

Infrared camera

Infrared is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum which can’t be seen with the naked eye. With the use of a camera that is made to see infrared, we can see heat differences in the field of vision. This is called thermal image camera. This can of course be used for a variety of applications.

Drone with infrared camera

Together with a drone and an infrared camera can perform various inspections, such as inspection on heat leakage in buildings, insulation problems in windmills, military control, night vision, control of solar panels, general inspections and tracking people.

Use of drone with infrared camera

With the image of an infrared camera, opposing colors are used to make temperature differences clear, such as blue for low temperatures and red for high temperatures, but these colors can differ per filter.

For example, when inspecting heat leakage in buildings, the hotspots will turn yellow-red on the infrared camera image (if it uses a filter with these colors). The same applies to insulation problems at windmills – where the windmills are poorly insulated there will be hotspots that can be seen on the infrared camera image from the drone.

In the application of military control people can be seen, even if they are camouflaged to the naked eye. A drone with an infrared camera you can easily spot hidden figures.

On the image above you can see a range of colors, the temperatures can be seen in the spectrum next to it.

The graph goes from black to white, where black is 2.4 degrees Celsius and white is 9.7.

The image also shows red / white spots on the photographed building, which means that the building is leaking heat.


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