Drone with thermal imaging camera for solar panel inspections

More and more of these solar parks are being built, but solar panels cannot simply be left, they require maintenance to continue working effectively.

This takes a very long time if done manually, but now this can be done with drones and a thermal camera.

How can you inspect solar panels with a drone and a thermal camera?

When you fly over a solar panel with a drone with a thermal imaging camera, it can immediately see which solar cells are malfunctioning. This is due to the fact that broken solar cells become warmer, showing a colour difference on the readings.

Here is a picture showing what this would look like:

As you can see the broken solar cells are hotter than the surroundings, and consequently more yellow.

How does a drone with thermal imaging camera work?

Before you dispatch the drone, you need to complete some preparation work.

Before the drone takes to the sky, you can input a flight path on your tablet. You can do this from everywhere – in your office, or on the go.

As soon as you have done this and you’re at your location, you simply press the button and the drone will follow the path. You can see the images from the drone in a thermal or normal screen mode. As soon as you see a temperature difference, or a dirty solar panel you can pause the flight path and manually continue the inspection. Once you are finished, you simply continue the flight path where you were.

Where can I get a drone with a thermal imaging camera?

At Customdrone, you can buy simply the drone or a drone package including training, registration, etc. so your company can get straight to work.

Are you interested in buying a drone with thermal imaging camera? Or would you like more information?

Then get in contact with Customdrone through: +31 6 111 232 79 or info@customdrone.com


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