Buying a thermal imaging drone? What should you know?

Drones come in all shapes and sizes, but so do thermal imagers. What you need to know to buy a drone with thermal imaging camera.

First of all, there are big price differences between the different cameras, but what does this mean for the quality of the images?

The difference between expensive and cheaper thermal imaging drones.

The difference of the cameras is due to the resolution that the thermal imaging cameras make. You can compare it with an old phone or a new camera. A newer camera you can see much more detail as an older model.

Cheap thermal imaging camera

With a cheaper thermal imaging camera, you can track down large game or fawns hidden in the deep grass, allowing you to spot wildlife before mowing the grass on your fields. You can check the field by simply flying your drone over it.

Mid-range thermal imaging camera

A thermal imaging camera in the mid-range prices is able to detect smaller objects.

In relation to the grass mowing example, these cameras would enable you to see birds in their nests in the tall grass.

Naturally, as a farmer you would want to avoid damaging these nests with your agricultural vehicle. Nowadays, this is often checked by foot which costs time and effort. Using a drone simplifies this process.

High range thermal imager

With an expensive thermal imaging camera, you can see the most minute details.

This can extend to seeing gas leaks, saving your company time and improving safety conditions.

The more expensive versions could be used for inspecting gas pipes.

For all price categories you can also choose that if these 3 examples are a fawn, bird's nest, or gas leak is detected by our custom work image recognition software. So you can complete your assignments even faster.

At Customdrone we also offer our own, sustainable drone with a thermal imaging camera that can be tailored to your needs.

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