Buying a thermal imaging drone for security

Before you buy a drone with thermal imaging camera, it is good to know about all the possibilities.

That’s why we have developed this example below to show you what is possible.

Why use a drone with a thermal imaging camera for security?

At night, if a security check is being done on foot it is easy to miss things.

With a drone using thermal imaging technology suspicious activities become significantly more obvious.

What can you do with a drone with thermal imaging capabilities?

You can let the thermal imaging drone run a preprogramed lap, and if you see something out of the ordinary you can immediately see it.

All images are stored so that you can view in thermal images and also in normal images.

You can also use the drone for different types of inspections.

How does a thermal imaging drone work?

You draw a path in advance for your drone to fly, on your tablet via the app.

You can do that anywhere, on location or from the office.

If you are on location, you pick up the drone and the preprogramed route and once you are ready, click on the button to let the drone fly autonomously along the path.

During the flight you can see the images on the tablets and switch between regular or thermal view.

You can also choose to manually fly the drone.

Here you can see how the app looks on a tablet.

Where can I get this thermal imaging drone?

At Customdrone, you can buy simply the drone or a drone package including training, registration, etc. so your company can get straight to work.

Are you interested in buying a drone with thermal imaging camera? Or would you like more information?

Then get in contact with Customdrone through: +31 6 111 232 79 or


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