Ground control points for drone mapping

There are a variety of options to increase the precision of your 3D scan.

One of the ways to do this is by measuring various points using a GPS RTK post.

With the GPS RTK post you create your own GPS coordinates.

The drone also sees these coordinates. It can do this by using a ground control point (ground marker). You place this ground control point on the terrain that you would like to 3D map, the drone recognizes these points and uses these to increase the accuracy of the readings.

These points ensure that the software of your 3D scan can easily find the centre of the zone.

You have measured this centre point using the GPS coordinates, and any measurements you complete further on will be much more accurate relatively to the centre.

How does drone mapping work?

The drone flies a specific route over the zone you have specified. It will fly independently while taking pictures and measuring depths, to produce an accurate 3D scan.

Custom Design

We can deliver the ground control points with the Customdrone design or with your own branding. You will always be able to recognize the ground marker as your own, as you can add text, logos and more!

What does a Ground marker look like?

Here you can see Customdrone ground control points.

The benefit of our ground control points is that they are extremely easy to recognize, and the centre can then easily be found, even on low resolution photos.

These ground control points can be bought in a pack of 10 and are always in stock.

For more information about how this works or if you would like to ask for a quote for these ground control points, call us on +31 6 111 232 79 or e-mail


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