Indoor inspection drones with artificial intelligence

Indoor inspection drones

Drones can speed up your business process by performing time-intensive inspections faster, safer and more efficiently.

For example, inspection drones can be used professionally for various inspection possibilities including: high objects, hard-to-reach places and time-intensive inspections.

Artificial intelligence drone inspection

Drone inspections can be properly analyzed by artificial intelligence. It can also simply and quickly be viewed anywhere in the world.

Customdrone offers customized inspection drones with artificial intelligence for various inspections. The inspections can be carried out in any conditions, such as in rain, wind, high altitudes in forests and much more.

Image recognition with drones

In addition, Customdrone can add image recognition, so that rust damage and fractures can be automatically recognized. There are many other possibilities for additional features. Interested? Ask for the possibilities.

Perform inspections yourself with a drone

To carry out an inspection yourself with a drone, a number of aspects are involved. We understand that this is a new step for your company, so we fully support the process, and ensure the complex processes are taken care of for a fixed monthly rate.

Train your own personnel to become drone pilots

Customdrone offers the possibility to train your own internal specialists to become a drone pilot. We offer this, since Customdrone understands that you prefer to continue working with your own internal specialists. Consequently, they can perform the flights independently.

Using Smart Drones within your company

What's the deal with smart drones? What do we all need to know before we start? These are common questions that we can answer quickly in a conversation, so that we can map out what is possible within your company in the coming years.


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