Drone inspection

Drones can be used for inspections that are difficult, expensive, dangerous or even impossible to conduct manually. But how exactly does that work?

Types of inspection drones

Different types of inspections that can be performed with a drone are:

Inspecting a windmill for example can be very simple – the drone flies around it and gets an image of every angle so that the maximum area of the windmill can be inspected. This way you get a sharp image and can see if there is any damage. But that is not the only thing a drone can inspect on a windmill, if you connect an infrared camera to the drone you can also inspect insulation and consequently check whether it is still effective.

Different inspection drone options

  • Autonomous flying
  • With an RGB camera, inspections can be done to identify visual damage
  • With an infrared camera, inspections can be made, especially for heat leaks and insulation problems.
  • With an RGB camera with zoom, damage can be viewed in high quality at very close range
  • With a multispectral camera inspections can be done on anything with vegetation, so in agriculture or diseases of trees in forests or along roads.

Self-learning inspection drone

With Customdrone's self-learning software, inspections can be carried out even faster and more efficiently; this is software that can recognize damage and differences after a certain period of use. The more inspections the drone does, the better the drone can recognize damage and differences.


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