Aircraft inspection possibilities

Our drone is smart, so smart that it can do several inspections at the same time if you so desire. Our drones see as much as your engineers - this has been carefully tested. It is important not to overlook certain damages. You can prevent this in your organization by using a drone, because drones see more than you can see with the naked eye.

Lightning Strike Inspection

Lightning strikes always come in unexpectedly at the worst moments. This causes what is called UGT (Unscheduled Ground Time). Nine out of ten planes can fly straight through, while every now and then one comes in that really needs repairs. This takes a lot of time, because such an inspection often takes two to six hours.

Our aircraft inspection drone ensures that the lightning strike is identified and examined within half an hour, in a tailor-made report. So that your ground engineers only have to approve the inspection after the flight. The inspection is then processed correctly in your administration system. This makes the work of your ground engineers more fun and efficient.

The most important aspect of this process is that you have shortened the UGT. With an aircraft inspection drone, your aircraft will be stationary for less time. As a result, your passengers will experience fewer delays and your planes will be able to continue their onward journeys more quickly.  

Dents inspection

These inspections often take a lot of time. How nice would it be if the inspection could be completed in less than an hour? This inspection is common in new aircraft, but also for aircraft that are exchanged between different airlines. 

Normally, any damage must be checked. Even if it has previously been registered on the aircraft. If this is the case, the ground engineer can move on to the next damage. It takes time and money when you have your planes inspected by your ground engineers, as this takes longer. How nice would it be if this inspection could be shortened?  

The drone can detail the inspection before and after, and record any differences and concerns. This is then generated afterwards in a report, so that any damage can be checked immediately for differences. In addition, your historical records can all be linked, so that not everything has to be searched for again.   


The inspection for the markings, among other things, must be checked once every few months. This inspection is often combined with other maintenance, but of course also takes a lot of time. The drone can fly around the plane in less than 30 minutes and map all the markings. Missing markers are also found, giving you a complete overview in minutes.

(FOD) Paint damage, stone and hail damage  

This inspection can be made automatically every time, but can also be turned off if necessary, so that you carry out the correct inspections at the right times. Paint and hail damage can also be processed automatically for quick handling of various issues.

Custom-made damage system

Because every climate, country and authorization in general has small deviations, our smart drone can quickly learn new inspections through artificial intelligence. Our drones can see anything you can see visually or see even better through more advanced cameras, allowing us to perform all types of visual inspections, which provides a solution for different types of inspections within your organization.  


The administration after the inspection can be incorporated in both a paper report and a digital overview. This is processed directly in your administrative maintenance system. 

Feel free to ask us about this super fast inspection method. 


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