Cable Drone

A tethered drone (also known as a cable drone) is exactly what it sounds like: a drone on a cable. This cable continuously supplies the drone with power, so that it can remain in the air for an incredibly long time, which offers possibilities!

The effective use of new technology is often not easy. We understand that. Our mission is to make using a tethered drone as easy and intuitive as using a vacuum cleaner. That is why we have immersed ourselves in the specific needs of companies.

Thanks to our years of experience, we ensure that your organization is always provided with the latest technology. We deliver this hardware and software independently based on your needs. We supply cases that can be used at heights from 50m to 100m.  

Operating and flying our cable drone is super easy. The cable drone flies completely autonomously. The cable drone automatically hangs in place in the air until it is ordered to fly higher or lower. After the cable drone has executed its command, you can easily land the cable drone again. On a tablet you can view the live status of the power consumption and make adjustments if necessary. The law does require the driver to always have the cable drone in view and to be able to intervene if necessary. We will teach you all this in just a few hours.

The data collected by the cable drone can be sent live to different screens. It is even possible to stream this via 4G, so you can watch live from anywhere in the world.

You can also view the power consumption status and how many hours the motors have been running, to ensure they come down for maintenance in time.

Is a cable drone right for you? Feel free to get in touch. We are happy to help.


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