Artificial intelligence and drones

Artificial intelligence and drones. This unique combination can make big waves in your company, through which you can work even more efficiently. No idea how to imagine that? Let us explain it to you.

Safety first with artificial intelligence drones

It’s very important that an aircraft is properly inspected before the can aircraft take off again. The drones with artificial intelligence ensure that all relevant damage is recognized within no time. In addition, we make it possible for different airline companies to complete the same inspections, saving you time and money.

Many shapes and sizes, but we can help you with the right smart drone

Rust damage comes in many types and sizes. How long has the rust been there and can the rust be ignored for another year? Our artificial intelligence provides various types of rust, which correspond to your standard working method. This is possible for both rust and visual inspections. Artificial intelligence saves you time and money, together we speed up the process and we do this with respect for your method and business operations.

Save time and money with artificial intelligence drones

Drones are able to do more and more exciting things. Our smart drones can learn almost any skill you want in the field of visual or thermal inspections. These types of inspections can be set up at a low threshold, so that you can first experience whether this is the way you are looking for without breaking the bank. The learning processes can be easily and quickly loaded into our tool, so that your colleagues, together with us, ensure that the drone learns the right skills. The drone can learn the skills in a one-off process. The drone can then be used anywhere in the world for your company.

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