Agriculture drone

What's an agricultural drone?

Agricultural drones are drones developed for agriculture, to increase production and to keep track of crop growth. Through the use of advanced sensors and digital imaging capabilities, farmers can use these drones to get a clear picture of their land. Information gathered from such equipment can be useful in improving crop yields and the efficiency of the arable farm.

Agricultural drones allow farmers to see their fields from the air. This bird's-eye view can reveal many problems, such as irrigation problems, soil variation and pests and fungal infections. Multispectral images show the visual spectrum. The combination shows the farmer the differences between healthy and unhealthy plants, a difference that is not always clearly visible to the naked eye.

This is how to make your production of crops more efficient

The agricultural drone scans the crops periodically according to the wishes of the farmer. If you want to order an agricultural drone to make your crops grow more efficiently, you can surf to, Landbouwinspectiedrone is part of Custom Drone.


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