Agricultural inspection drone

Agricultural inspection drones offer many opportunities for agricultural and arable farms. We understand that the effective use of new technology is often not easy. Our mission is therefore as follows: 

We want to make using a drone as easy and natural as driving a tractor.

We have immersed ourselves in the needs of agricultural and arable farms. We have put together a special package for this so you can get the best out of your company. 


Choose the right sensor and work efficiently

There are many different agricultural drones on the market that use different sensors. But which is the right one for your organization? We’re happy to assist you in finding a sensor that suits your agricultural or arable farm. 


We give the best advice

Customdrone has been providing independent advice on various brands of agricultural drones for over 7 years. Therefore we know exactly which agricultural drones and sensors are the right ones for the job. We have tested all these brands for you and know the exact outcome, so you’ll never be faced with surprises. 


We also look at the crops. We can identify which drone works best for you. The crops can differ a lot, so it is important that the right drone, sensors and software are always purchased. 


What does an agricultural drone do

An agricultural drone's camera has several lenses that are specifically adjusted to a specific color. Often the colors blue, green, red are used to ultimately obtain different values. When a picture is taken with RGB light, a kind of black and white picture emerges, which shows the values ​​of the amount of this light spectrum. Ultimately, the different light bands are combined with each other in special software, allowing you to extract different values ​​from the crop. Think, for example: chlorophyll, water, nitrogen levels and much more. 


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