Lidar Scan Drone

With a Lidar drone (Light Detection And Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection And Ranging) making a 3D model is much easier than in the traditional way. With technology that can determine the distance to an object or surface by using laser pulses, making a 3D model is a piece of cake. Our mission is therefore also to make it as easy and intuitive as possible to use a drone for 3D mapping. Are you ready for the future?

Customdrone has been active in the drone market for more than 7 years for independent advice and delivery of hardware and software, among other things. Because of this we ensure that you are always equipped with the latest technology.

What do you see with a LiDAR drone?

3D height models of a terrain
3D Terrain models where "non-ground" objects such as vegetation can be removed
Volume calculations of raw materials
3D models of buildings or industrial installations
Mapping of small objects such as power lines

A LiDAR sensor has a number of characteristic advantages over a photo camera. With the LiDAR sensor you have the opportunity to measure the ground level under the trees and you can map small objects that cannot otherwise be seen.

The LiDAR system has the following features:

Multi return laser scanner that can more accurately map the ground level under vegetation;

We use various software packages. They are all very easy and friendly to use - but one package may give you a little more freedom to do things yourself, while another package works fully automatically. The best choice for you depends on your wishes. Would you like more information about the Lidar drone? Feel free to get in touch. 


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