Lightning strike inspection for aircraft

Lightning strike on an aircraft always happens in unexpected moments. Checking for damage is an intensive job, as a large portion of the airplane needs to be inspected.

Customdrone introduces the self-learning drone – allowing you to save a significant amount of time. The drone allows you to inspect the aircraft in around three hours – which is ten times faster than the traditional method. A big advantage of this is that it can thereby reduce the unscheduled ground time (UGT) of the aircraft.

The challenges of Lightning strike:

  • Unexpected and unplanned
  • The reparations are not accounted for in planning time, meaning actions need to be taken quickly.
  • Current inspections can take hours to complete, meaning aircraft are “queueing” to be inspected. This means aircraft are unnecessarily grounded.
  • There are waiting passengers, a lot of pressure on working fast.

How can we simplify your process

Using our drones, we can quickly and efficiently recognize and report lightning damage. Your ground control then receives accurate information allowing a decision to be made on whether reparations need to be made or not.  

The inspection takes approximately an hour, depending on the size of the aircraft. A regular aircraft inspection often takes from two to six hours to complete, dependent on the amount of damage on the aircraft.

THE solution

The solution is simple. By using a variety of technologies, we can adjust our drones to create tailor made products, so the aircraft inspection drone can quickly and easily be integrated into your current work process.

What our aircraft inspection drone does

Our aircraft inspection drones can do the job faster than current methods. The drone can quickly inspect lightning strikes, hail, paint damage, sticker damage and FOD.


The aircraft inspection drone generates data. Through this, every inspection can be reviewed. An engineer would only take pictures and examine it with the naked eye, meaning it’s possible to miss important details.

Drones see more than you think.

Our aircraft inspection drone sees more than you think. Additionally, drone technology has developed further than most people are aware of. A drone never misses anything.

The problem is that the rules and regulations for air traffic are very complex. We can make a specialist tool for your task, but the inspector will always be responsible and sign off on any inspections. We have done various tests with air traffic authorities and will soon be considered a unique tool in the industry.


know faster.


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