Machine learning drones

Drones can learn various aspects through machine and deep learning. For example, machine learning allows a drone to navigate autonomously in different spaces, but also allows it to recognize different types of objects.

Autonomous flight with machine and deep learning drones

Autonomous flight can already be achieved by most drones and identifying and recognizing live obstacles is increasingly being used.

What does machine learning do with drones?

Machine learning is a new type of technology that ensures that different types of data come together to produce various results. This allows the drone data to be viewed in different layers, and internal information can be obtained enabling a very comprehensive report.

Image recognition through machine learning

Extra image recognition is also part of machine learning. The drone can learn to recognize certain objects and can count these objects or display their location. These results are also mentioned in the report.

The possibilities of drones and machine learning

The possibilities of machine learning are endless. We can support you to get off to a good start with drones and machine learning. We can see what the possibilities are within your company and advise you about the right path to take.


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