Accurately measure with drones

How does accurate measurement with drones work?

To accurately measure distances with drones, we equip your drone with the most suited camera for the task. The sensors and software ensure that the drone creates a perfect 3D model of the landscape. The accuracy of your 3D model is directly related to the accuracy of the GPS of your drone. Your 3D model can be made even more accurate by using ground control points as suggested by Customdrone. These points are measured with a GPS RTK post by measuring extra accurately in your 3D model.

What can I accurately measure with drones?

One example is that you can use drones to accurately measure for inspections of buildings. The drone will fly past the buildings via the route you have drawn. The drone automatically takes photos of the terrain and the buildings that are on the square. Ultimately, you can then measure distances, trace damages and much more.

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Below is an example of damage to a building photographed with a drone:

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