Parrot Sequoia versus micasense Rededge Mx

This knowledge is based on our personal experience with testing the various cameras.

Micasense Rescued Mx

The camera works as promised and does everything it should do. The images are processed effectively, and everything works well. We would definitely recommend this camera.

The developers of this camera are also looking at new techniques that could be integrated later. We can apply this advantage to the Solid X4 drone.

The improved photo button makes it easier to do the calibration because it is easier to find compared to its predecessor.

Parrot Sequoia

The camera works fine and does what they say it does. The images are also processed well.

The disadvantage is that the lenses are made of plastic and slightly rounded, making the images less sharp. The convex lenses provide a fish-eye effect, as found on a GoPro for example. The advantage of this may be that you can scan more land per flight. 

The disadvantage of this is that the images that are processed are less accurate.

We do not offer Parrot Sequoia in our options package, as we do not believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

For the easy comparison you can see the following table where you can compare the Parrot sequoia with the cheaper and better LaQuinta camera. Or the better Micasense Redegde MX camera which of course is always better than the Laquinta, but that is just what price class you are in.

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