Fawn heat image drone

Fawn heat image drone

More and more fawns are ending up in the big machinery that farmers use.

Nowadays, this can easily be prevented using drones that have been specially adapted for detection of wildlife.

This special drone is equipped with a thermal imaging camera through which the fawns can be detected quickly and easily, allowing the fawn to be brought to a safe location.

How much does a fawn thermal image drone cost?

The cheapest option is to use a drone with a regular camera. However, fawns are often times missed in this imaging as the high grass can hide them from view.

That’s why we’re offering a starter’s set with a thermal imaging camera as well as a regular one.

This drone is available at around €3500, a lot cheaper than current models. This is due to new technology becoming increasingly cheaper.

What can this fawn thermal imaging drone do?

With this fawn detection drone you will have live video streaming in both regular and thermal imaging, so you can quickly spot the fawn. With the regular camera, it is also easier for you to recognize the location. Consequently, you know exactly where the fawn is and can quickly retrieve it.

You can either do this manually or direct the drone to do it autonomously.

How do I control a fawn thermal imaging drone?

You can use the app to indicate where you would like to fly. You can set this up before hand or on location. The drone then automatically plans a route, and when you press start it will set off. De more luxurious version can even send a notification when it has spotted the fawn.

Where can I get this fawn thermal imaging drone?

Customdrone offers this drone as a single drone or in a complete package including training, drone registration and other necessities. This way you can quickly get started tracking down fawns.

For more information about the fawn thermal imaging drone please contact Customdrone, so that we can prepare a customized offer for you.


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