Aircraft inspection drone solution

Drones, they are used for more and more purposes. For example, we have a ready-to-use solution for processing airplane inspections. This drone is also approved by your authorities. With our many years of experience in your industry, we can support you with the entire process of integration.

Aircraft inspection drone with artificial intelligence  

The drone has artificial intelligence that allows the drone to learn your needs in a one-off process. You can view the drone as a new employee, they also need to learn specific damage and your work process.

Reducing UGT

Start reducing UGT today by using our airplane inspection drone. We deliver an all-in-one solution that will help your company work more efficiently. 

We understand that your company has specific rules that we must adhere to. Together with our experts we look at how we can integrate our solution into your current work process.

All-in one aircraft inspection drone

Our all-in-one package ensures that wherever you are in the world, we can integrate our service quickly and safely in your current work processes. We introduce you to the plan at a low threshold, since it is completely new to your company, and you can see if it works for you and your company. Don’t like it? We assume this will not happen, but if it does you have the option to cancel it at any time.

  • We train your staff
  • We complete safety analysis
  • We support you by approving a new tool
  • We integrate our software and hardware in your current systems
  • We ensure that you can always use the tool wherever you are
  • We reduce your inspection time on various inspections and checks

For more information about the solution you can contact us, so that we can tell you everything about how we work and what we do.


know faster.


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