Thermal imaging drone

Customdrone is an independent party that offers various types of drones, including brands such as: DJI and Yuneec. We also supply custom-made drones. 

Thermal imaging drones come in various shapes and sizes. Based on your desires, we ensure that you get a drone and camera that best suits your company. You also have the opportunity to follow software courses and training, so that your employees can get started themselves. 

Thermal imaging cameras are offered in different price ranges. We offer you an all-in package, so you will always find a camera that suits your company. Customdrone has been active in the drone market for over 7 years now and has experience working with various industries. 

Thermal imaging drone

The major differences in the price are due to the quality of the cameras. You may find this less important, but the wrong camera or lens can lead to very bad results. We guide you through the entire process: from ideation to the implementation of the drone in your organization. Curious about how we can realize this for you? Check out the services page. 

The resolution of a thermal imaging camera

The resolution of the thermal imaging camera also contributes to the large price differences. This is because the sensors are very expensive. If you choose a camera, it is important to buy a good lens, because you will get better results.

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