Thermal imaging camera

What's a thermal imaging drone?

Drones equipped with thermal cameras have a much wider range of capabilities than regular drones. This is because drones can easily get to places that are difficult to reach. The thermal imaging camera can convert thermal energy into visible light to analyze a particular object. When you combine a drone and thermal imaging camera, there are huge possibilities and this provides a huge boost in performance in certain industries. Below we explain how various industries can use thermal cameras.

What is a thermal imaging camera?

Thermal imaging cameras are devices that convert thermal energy (heat) into visible light to analyse a particular object. The produced image is known as a thermogram and is analysed by a process called thermography. Thermal imaging cameras are advanced devices that process captured images. These images can be used for direct diagnosis or processed through specialized software for further evaluation.

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Thermal imaging camera applications


Drones now play a key role in most technological agricultural companies. Crop inspection has never been easier. By means of a drone and thermal imaging camera, you gather data that is relevant to your farm time and time again.

Search and rescue drone

Drones are particularly good for search and rescue missions. This also applies to hard to reach areas where thermal cameras do wonders and save lives.

Inspection drones

Inspection of solar panels: solar panels are prone to damage. Whether it is an excess of dust, scratches or mechanical defects. Solar panels require frequent IR inspections that can detect solar cells that are overheated and cause problems.

There are also many other inspection drone applications.

Thermal imaging camera applications

Thermal imagers were originally developed for military use, but nowadays thermal imagers are used for many different applications. For example, the fire brigade uses it to see through smoke, find people and locate hotspots of fires. Law enforcement agencies use the technology to manage surveillance activities, locate and identify suspects, investigate crime scenes and conduct search and rescue operations. Maintenance engineers on the high-voltage line install overheating connections and components to prevent potential malfunctions. When the thermal insulation fails, building construction technicians can see heat leaks to improve the efficiency of cooling or heating. Physiological activities, such as fever, in humans and other warm-blooded animals can also be monitored using thermal imaging cameras.

Limitations of thermal imaging cameras

A thermal imaging camera can be applied for a variety of outcomes, but as thermal energy can be reflected off of shiny surfaces, thermal imaging cameras cannot look through glass. Thermal imaging cameras are used to gather information about the inside of a wall, but they cannot look through walls. It is also important to note that thermal imaging cameras cannot be used as the sole decisive factor for a problem. Other instruments must always be used to verify the problem.


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