Zenmuse H20 series

This H20 camera is suitable for the DJI M200 v2 series.

H is for Hybrid

Different sensors and cameras are combined, creating a unique camera.

The camera has enormous zoom (23x Optical) (200x max) capabilities, which means that objects up to 1200 meters far are still close for this drone. The camera also has an IP44 rating. This means that the drone can also be used in extreme weather conditions.

The H20T variant also features a thermal imaging camera, making it possible to take thermal images, in the highest available image quality available for drones.

A piece of artificial intelligence allows the camera to take pictures of the same object autonomously. In this way the inspection is much faster. This is especially advantageous for longer inspections where the same kind of objects have to be inspected such as: windmills and high voltage pylons.

What's in this hybrid camera?

- Zoom camera

- Wide camera

- Thermal camera

- Laser rangefinder


know faster.


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