Our mission: reduce downtime
About Customdrone

We deliver a unique combination of drones with artificial intelligence that deliver huge savings. Not in theory, but in practice.

We've existed almost as long as drones have. And take care of the complete and successful implementation of drones for visual inspections in your company. And provide the answers you need.

Customdrone has over 7 years of experience in the application of drones. In recent years we have fully specialized ourselves in visual inspections. In that field, we have the knowledge, experience and network required to tackle this complex area.

In a world that is developing so quickly, we believe that being specialists is necessary to come up with future-proof solutions. We are also completely independent: our clients know for sure that they always receive the best solution.

That it works is evident from our customer portfolio: We implement proven technology at leading companies such as KLM, Huisman and ESA, who rely on our knowledge and experience.

See better.

Fact: Drones see more than people do. How is that possible?

For a start, this is because a drone can look in places that are difficult to physically reach. Take the bottom of a bridge or a crane, for example.

In addition, a drone can be equipped with all kinds of different cameras. With a zoom lens, surfaces can be inspected very accurately and see as well as, if not better than, the human eye - provided that eye could even get close to the object. With a thermal imaging camera the drone can see what the human eye cannot.

We 'learn' the drone to recognise and report the anomalies that are relevant to you. For this we use artificial intelligence. This way, you do not have to look at every image of the drone, but report the drone abnormalities. And all you have to do is look at those anomalies. And take action if necessary.

Examples of what a drone can see and report:

  • Rust formation
  • Metal fatigue
  • Metal thickness
  • Paint quality
  • Construction defects
  • Paint damage
  • Loose nuts or bolts
  • Loose cables
  • Lightning damage
  • Temperature
  • Broken solar cells in solar panels
  • And of course your visual inspection
Know faster.

Drones work faster than people can.

The drone works between 4 and 10 times faster, saving significant time. This leads to enormous financial savings in many sectors, but also higher yields: after all, uptime is drastically increased.

How can drones work faster? Firstly, because a drone can be deployed much faster. No ladders, climbing protection or scaffolding needs to be used.

In addition, a drone can cover a section to be inspected much faster. Where a person has to climb, a drone can just fly.

And finally, because a drone in combination with artificial intelligence independently reports the deviations and points of attention. After the inspection flight you will immediately receive a report with the deviations.

A human inspector still has to view, approve and sign it. For example, errors and mistakes are excluded and an extra safety margin has been built in. But setting up and "training" this system and the inspectors is part of our service package.

Get more.

All this leads to very favorable business cases. The investment in drones and what is involved is minimal, but the benefits they yield are great.

Not only because of the shorter downtime, and the lower inspection costs. But also because of the greater uptime. An aircraft is grounded shorter. A crane will be operational again sooner. And a ship can sail days, sometimes even weeks earlier. That is what really counts. Also in your wallet.

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Beyond drones.

Our strength is the unique combination of drones and artificial intelligence.

Our goal is to make your visual inspections less expensive. Fewer costs by doing it cheaper, and less time by doing it faster. We supply not only the hardware and software, but above all, the knowledge. With more than 7 years of experience in the world of drones and collaborations with leading technology partners, we have the answers. Also to the questions you don't even know to ask.

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